Friday, February 8, 2008

Sesame Street: Teeny Little Super Guy

Without a doubt, "Teeny Little Super Guy" was my favorite Sesame Street skit. I think I identified with it a lot, because I used to play random little pretend games with various household objects. Yeah, I was a weird kid.

Aside from that, it had the coolest theme song ever. I never did forget it, even during my post-Sesame Street, pre-Youtube years.

In the following clip, Teeny Little Super Guy learns about Danger. Enjoy!


James said...

You're killing me here. Teeny Little Super Guy? That great HBO bumper? I swear I haven't heard that song in probably 12 years, and I still remembered the whole tune.

What about Gummi Bears? Great theme song.

Great blog.

Anonymous said...

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